Golden Peacock Occupational Health & Safety Award (GPOHSA) Winners
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Tata Motors Limited
Udaipur Cement Works Limited
[Automobile] [Cement]

Tata Motors Limited, Mumbai manufactures and markets cars and sports utility vehicles, trucks and buses, defence vehicles and electric vehicles. Company’s safety and health process follows DuPont Governance mechanism. As part of this mechanism, there are dedicated committees and various functional teams to ensure safety and implementation of safety standards at all levels. Safety and Health Policy of company commits to being an injury free organisation ensuring safety and health of employees, contractors and visitors in the organization. All leaders have safety in their respective Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). OHS management drives the performance pay of all the employees in the organization. Zero workplace fatality in 2019-20 and 2020-21. Business continuity plan ensured no plants were closed due to COVID-19.

Udaipur Cement Works Limited, Udaipur, one of the units of Lakshmi Cement Limited, manufactures and markets Cement (OPC and PPC). OH&S Policy of company ensures better workplace and culture through providing required resources, training, safe and healthy work environment and minimizing hazards and risks. 100% of employees and contract workers are trained on health and industrial safety. The company had zero reportable accidents/incidents in last 3 years and 1826 accident free days. Impact of OH&S Management on Company’s performance includes improved health and safety performance, reduced costs associated with accidents/incidents, improved employee morale.

UGC 07
Flipkart Internet Private Limited
[Construction] [E-Commerce]

L&T STEC JV, UGC 07, Mumbai is a joint venture between L&T, Mumbai and STEC, Singapore. The entity is engaged in construction of Mumbai Metro line no. 3, consisting of 3 stations and adjoining twin bore tunnels (4.37 KM line). Efforts made to encourage innovations and suggestions schemes towards building and maintaining health & safety culture at workplace include: identification of safety champions; new workmen identification scheme; development of EHS mobile app; and near miss reporting award etc. A comprehension guidance document on Hazard Identification Tool (HIT) card has been developed and implemented towards hazard risk identification & classification process.

Flipkart Internet Private Limited, Bengaluru provides e-commerce platform for consumer electronics, fashion, home essentials, groceries and lifestyle products to consumers. Flipkart safety management system consists of 6 building blocks which include: leadership, risk assessment, standards and controls, communication, training, monitoring and response. Environment, health and safety policy for Flipkart Group is defined, documented and established by the leadership team. In line with policy, core values, business context and associated risks have been defined in objectives and target for the year 2021. Developed an online platform called CQ Tool which captures all kinds of incidents including near misses. It identifies the root cause and corrective measures for each incident.

Bosch Rexroth India Private Limited
GOCL Corporation Limited
[Engineering] [Engineering (Explosives)]

Bosch Rexroth (India) Private Limited, Ahmedabad a subsidiary of Bosch Rexroth AG, Germany, manufactures hydraulic systems and components. Every year the company organises ‘Policy Development Workshop’ to finalise objectives and targets. Company has adopted Near Miss Capturing system which facilitates associates to identify hazards and reports the feedback to assess and implement necessary controls. One safety awareness program called ‘Learn to See’ is being organised throughout the year to educate associates including contractor employees: what is near miss, types of near misses, how to identify and register it, importance and benefits of the same. Zero reportable accidents in last 6 years.

GOCL Corporation Limited, Hyderabad (Formerly Gulf Oil Corporation Limited) is the first company to manufacture various types of detonators and slurry explosives for commercial use. Company’s HSE Management system includes enhancement of occupational health, safety and environment performance. HSE objectives are major contributor to employee KRA and been reviewed in annual appraisal system. All the unsafe conditions and unsafe acts identified by safety committee are reviewed and appropriate control action taken to eliminate/minimise the hazard. It achieved total 1,901,960 accident free man-hours and zero reportable incidents in 2020-21.

Indorama India Private Limited
Britannia Industries Limited
[Fertilizer] [FMCG]

Indorama India Private Limited, Medinipur is engaged in manufacture of chemicals and fertilizers such as di-ammonium phosphate (DAP), sulphuric acid and single super phosphate. Company has a well-established OH&S governance model characterised by leadership accountability. Techniques applied for risk and hazard assessment include: What if analysis; Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA); Fault tree analysis; and Quantitative Risk Assessments (QRA). Human risks are assessed across various stages: recruitment process; change management process; hazardous works; confined space entry; and internal experts assessment.

Britannia Industries Limited, Bidadi manufactures and markets biscuits and snacking products. OH&S Management System has been integrated in an overall governance mechanism model. Corporate OH&S policy is adopted by the factory. No reported major injury or illness related absence in last two years. The site has done operational controls, legal compliances, documentation management, leadership commitments, pandemic and epidemic controls. Impact of OH&S Management system has been increase in leadership and line management involvement; reduction in injury rate; and building a safe workplace environment.

Odisha Mining Corporation Limited
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
Panagarh LPG Bottling Plant
[Mining & Metallurgy] [Oil LPG Bottling]

Odisha Mining Corporation Limited, Bhubaneswar is engaged in producing iron ore, chromite ore and bauxite ore. Company’s OHSE policy emphasises on business activities in an eco-friendly manner that protect the environment; and occupational health and safety of employees by conducting operation with an aim to achieve ‘Zero Harm’. Unsafe acts have reduced to near misses and injuries. Effective OH&S system has resulted in zero absence from work due to injury or accident. Fatalities and accidents have been zero. Employees and trade union members are part of regular pit safety committee in the meetings.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Panagarh LPG Bottling Plant is unit of HPCL and equipped with latest modern techniques. All operations and activities at Plant are governed by and in line with HPCL Safety Policy. Total 74 Nos. in house training imparted to all employees including contract workmen, security, transport crew and drivers as per OISD 154 module. For past three years, no accident took place. Risk score is defined for frequency and duration of exposure, severity and likelihood and number of people that could be affected; and suitable controls are planned for mitigation / reduction of hazards. Requisites for OH&S policy mentioned in tender. Behavioural training conducted at transport tanker crew on stress relief and road safety training.

Vedanta Limited
Cairn Oil & Gas
Suvali Terminal
Manjushree Technopack Limited
[Oil Production] [Packaging]

Vedanta Limited, Cairn Oil & Gas, Suvali Terminal, Surat is established to explore and extract crude oil and natural gas. Company has implemented Corporate Responsibility Management System (CRMS) that defines the processes through which the company seeks to systematically identify, analyse, assess, treat and monitor all of the business risks faced by the company. Zero accidents and zero fatality in last two years. Site Incident Response Team (IRT) and Emergency Management Team (EMT) are formed to tackle all emergency scenarios and provide effective response at ground. Company has established Individual Development Action Plan (IDAP) process to identify the skill sets that would be required for continuous learning and development of the individual.

Manushree Technopack Limited, Bengaluru manufactures rigid plastic moulded products such as container, bottles, sprayers, caps etc. Company’s EHS Management System (EHSMS) has been incorporated by EHSMS unit specific program and procedure. Impact on company’s performance due to OH&S includes improved health & safety performance, reduced cost associated with accidents and incidents, improved employee morale, low attrition, improved business efficiency and image. Lost time incidents and recordable incidents is zero for 2020-21; and zero reportable major injury or sickness absence in 2020-21. ‘What-if’ methodology is used for relatively uncomplicated processes.

Asian Paints Limited
Patancheru Plant
Supreme Petrochem Limited
[Paint] [Petrochemical]

Asian Paints Limited, Patancheru Plant, Hyderabad to manufacture and market exterior paints, interior paints, adhesives, smart range of water proofing products, range of tools etc. Health & Safety Policy of the company is committed to ensure safety and protect health of its employees, service providers, visitors, neighbouring communities and customers. Company has a Safety Manual covering all aspects of a typical OHS management system. Company has an online safety portal called ‘Isafe’ developed by process map and all employees have access to this portal to report reactive incidents and proactive incidents etc. Contractor Safety Management strengthen the existing safety management formulated to ensure zero harm to contractual workmen.

Supreme Petrochem Limited, Raigad is engaged in manufacture of synthetic resins like polystyrene. Specific attributes have been identified for measurement of HSE performance and monitoring of statistics: and number of reportable incidents/ number of non-reportable incidents; number of deviations from stipulated conditions; non-compliance instances from safety meeting points; and number of near miss reported etc. Initiatives taken for improvement of safety have resulted in: strengthening of HSE base at shop floor; improvement in competency levels; minimization of manual handling; and improved appraisal of individual major disasters and learning from experiences.

Aurobindo Pharma Limited
Unit XIV
JSW Energy Limited
[Pharmaceutical] [Power (Generation)]

Aurobindo Pharma Limited, Unit XIV, Visakhapatnam is a market leader in semi-synthetic penicillin, neurosciences, cardiovascular, anti-retroviral, anti-diabetics, gastroenterology and anti-biotics formulations. Senior Management of company has a greater accountability and involvement in the management system which integrates OH&S requirements with core business. Safety committee consists of 50% employee and 50% workmen cadre in department safety committees and apex committee. Risk assessment has been done for each activity to identify and classify the hazards as high hazard, medium hazard and low hazard. OH&S Plan at site includes management commitment towards achieving objectives in the EHS Policy, safe practices, procedures etc.

JSW Energy Limited, Mumbai is engaged in electricity generation. OH&S management system is integrated with overall governance model. Efforts made to encourage innovations to build and maintain health and safety culture at workplace includes: Safety-Kaizen (integration of safety with TQM); and Barrier Health Management (BHM) – risk mitigation projects; ‘Safety Perfect’ culture programs. Safety initiatives include: Safety observation system – application system; safety committees, steering committee; BHM (Barrier Health Management) – mitigation of high risks; and CFSA (Contractor Field Safety Audits).

ABB Power Products and Systems India Limited
(now Hitachi Energy India Limited)
Shapoorji Pallonji And Company Private Limited
Forbes Vicinia Project
[Power Equipment] [Real Estate & Construction]

ABB Power Products and Systems India Limited (now Hitachi Energy India Limited), Bangalore provides high voltage equipment, power quality solutions, grid automation products and services and transformers. Company has adopted HSE and Sustainability Management System approved by Group Hitachi ABB Power Grids in its operations; and conducts project HSE review monthly and Business HSE review on quarterly basis. Impact of safe measures on performance is indicated by higher productivity, elimination of accidents and continuous improvement. Over a million man-hours of HSE training is imparted to employees and contractors every year. An online tool named INTELEX developed for hazard reporting. Activity based risk assessment performed by site team along with contractor team.

Shapoorji Pallonji And Company Private Limited, Forbes Vicinia Project, Mumbai (part of SP Group) specialises in construction, design, build and EPC. Company has a separate HSE Department at three tier levels in Corporate, Regional & Site level; and a QHSE Policy which acts as a guide for continually improving the effectiveness of system. No permanent employee is part of HSE department unless the candidate is qualified with diploma in safety recognised by AICTE. Company has a combination of proactive monitoring and reactive monitoring tool for identification of leading and lagging parameters for OHS implementation. No work related injury or fatality reported in last 2 years at project site. Off-site and on-site emergency plan for the project is well documented and available at site for risk management. Zero accident and 1095 accident free days at site reflect effectiveness of HSE program for last 3 years.

Year 2020
Continental Automotive Components (India) Private Limited
Carlsberg India Private Limited
[Automobile Ancillary] [Beverages]

Continental Automotive Components (India) Private Limited, Bangalore is fully owned by Continental Gmbh, Germany and is engaged in manufacture of automotive components and technology. A comprehensive OHS governance framework has been defined with values, site based policies and principles, standards, critical risk standards etc. Hazard control measures include risk mitigation, risk substitution, risk isolation and engineering of administrative controls. Human risk assessment process includes analysis of behavioural, psychological and physiological capabilities of people.

Carlsberg India Private Limited, Aurangabad was established in 2008 for alcohol and beverage manufacturing. The health and safety policy is committed to promote a zero-accident culture. Workers are part of safety committees and participate in sharing safety observation/near misses to promote safety in organization. A skill gap matrix is in place to assess the safety training requirements. The unit has a detailed on-site emergency preparedness plan that includes natural disasters as well. The unit had zero fatality since inception in 2008; and 1048 days as accident-free period.

EXL (India) Private Limited
UltraTech Cement Limited
Unit - Birla White
[BPO] [Cement]

EXL India Private Limited, Noida is a service company providing IT services in analytics, operations management and technology. Company’s EHS Policy aims at ensuring that all workplace policies, procedures, systems and practices are performed at an optimum level. Major hazards identified include physical hazards, ergonomic hazards, psycho-social hazards. Proper control measures are put in place. All employees are trained on health and safety guidelines and principles. No major injuries, safety incident reported over several years.

UltraTech Cement Limited, Unit - Birla White, Kharia was established in 1988 to produce white cement, wall care putty, texture, level plast and GRC. Plant safety committee has been set up (equal representation) to develop cooperation between workers and management in maintaining proper safety and health at work. All the routine and non-routine jobs, including shut down and break-down activities, are carried out with prior HIRA to classify the risks based on severity, probability and likelihood. The unit level safety performance has a significant weightage on the appraisal process of all the employees.

LANXESS India Private Limited
UPL Limited
Unit 02
[Chemical & Fertilizer] [Chemical & Fertilizer]

LANXESS India Private Limited, Thane manufactures and markets advanced intermediates, speciality additives, performance chemicals, engineering materials, flame retardants and lubricant additives. The process for hazard assessment includes risk identification, risk assessment, consequence of likelihood, probability of injury and accordingly control measures are taken to mitigate/minimise the risks. On-site and off-site emergency response plans are in place to deal with major incidents. Zero lost time injury/accident during last 2 years. 3872 days accident free period observed at Jagdhia site.

UPL Limited, Unit 02, Ankleshwar was established in 1993 to manufacture insecticides fungicides, Herbicides, Fumigants, Rodenticides etc. Company has an online software tracking system ‘Legatrix’ to ensure all legal compliances. It follows the ‘Process Safety Management’ concept to ensure safety in every aspect of project operations, maintenance and purchase. All critical processes are thoroughly assessed for hazards and necessary process safety studies are conducted. 100% of employees are provided training on health and safety measures on annual basis. Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Job Cycle Check (JCC) are followed for each activity. The unit has a detailed on-site emergency plan. No loss time injury have taken place in last 3 years. 1906 days of accident free period reported.

Larsen & Toubro Limited
Transmission Line Tower Factory
Welspun Corp Limited
[Construction] [Engineering]

Larsen & Toubro Limited, Transmission Line Tower Factory, Pithampur, was established in 1997 to fabricate Transmission Line Towers. Company identifies OH&S hazard of pro-active nature to take effective control measures. Purchases referred in scope are made only from approved vendors based on competency and OHS records. External trainings are arranged based on need of employees to perform a particular activity as per OH&S standards. Company has on-site and off-site emergency plan. No fatal or lost time incident (LTI) reported in last 3 years. No job related illness or non-job related illness reported in last 2 years.

Welspun Corp Limited, Anjar facility was established in 2004 as a large scale manufacturing facility to manufacture and supply welded steel pipes and pipe bends in coated and uncoated forms for all types of industrial sectors. Annual safety plan is prepared and shared with all and used to fix the organization goal, department objectives and targets to achieve zero lost time incidents. HIRA is done for all activities and probability rate. 100% training on health and safety imparted to employees. Unit has an onsite emergency plan which includes the natural disasters like flood and earthquakes.

Roquette India Private Limited
Nestle India Limited
[FMCG] [Food & Beverages]

Roquette India Private Limited, Ahmedabad is engaged in manufacture of high quality ingredients for a healthier lifestyle. The company has safety and health committees representing equal number of management and workmen which meet on monthly basis. Training needs are identified depending on the nature of jobs and responsibility and training programs. Man and machine interface assessment is carried out to reduce human error in routine activity. On-site and off-site emergency plans are in place. 2 million safe man hours completed in 2018-19.

Nestle India Limited, Gurugram manufactures beverages, chocolates, confectionary, nutrition foods and provides food services etc. Company’s risk management practices emphasise on risk awareness culture. Creating shared value is the approach company adopted for creating value for the society by way of various initiatives. Safety campaign was organised on COVID-19 awareness in March 2020 for employees and general public. Major hazards identified include rotating and moving parts of machine, exposure to chemicals, fall from height and ergonomics. Trainings are provided on technical and functional competencies. OH&S management system has enhanced productivity and morale of employees and improved behaviour.

Wipro Limited
Tristar Group
[IT] [Liquid Logistics]

Wipro Limited, Bangalore established in 1980, is involved in the business of IT and ITES. Significant hazards are subject to control programs to mitigate the impact. Emergencies are defined in categories like environment emergencies, health and safety emergencies, social emergencies, security emergencies and natural calamities. Risk assessment training is given to safety committee members which help to identify the hazards and risk. Competency is measured every six months to check human error and take control measures. Company has emergency preparedness plan for both on-site and off-site emergency. Online portal is provided for employees to log in their concerns related to environment and safety in work place.

Tristar Group, Dubai was established in 1998 to serve ship owning and charting, aviation fuel supply, surface transport, specialised warehousing and portages service. Tristar safety management system has six elements i.e. leadership, planning, support, operation - standard operating procedure (SOP), performance evaluation and improvement. The training needs of employees are captured during annual appraisal and is also based on customer requirements. No loss of customer since inception of company in 1998, is an indicator of safe and reliable handling storage and delivery.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
Raipur LPG Plant
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
Mumbai Pune Solapur Pipeline
[Oil LPG Bottling] [Oil Pipeline]

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited owns Raipur LPG Plant that has electronic carousel which fills cylinder automatically, and all checks are automated. Company’s Health & Safety Policy considers safety an important tool to enhance productivity & reduce national loss. Safety awareness training preforms conducted for all employees, contract workmen, truck tanker crew, general public and medical aid members. The company has developed a system for reviews and control of safety aspects at inceptions and design stages of all new / modifications of projects. Several surveys are in place for human risk assessment. No accident has taken place during last three years.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Mumbai Pune Solapur Pipeline, Mumbai is 508 km long pipeline to transport Motor Spirit, High Speed Diesel and Superior Kerosene Oil. Company has developed a detailed competency based training need process and a training calendar to provide necessary trainings to fill the gaps and train employees on safety. Company is conducting regular meetings with supply-chain members to ensure that suppliers follow and incorporate health and safety objectives as per IMS Policy. Smoke, heat and hydrocarbon detection systems are installed and integrated with Suspensions Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). No job related illness / injury reported in last 2 years.

Max Speciality Films Limited
Asian Paints Limited
[Packaging] [Paints]

Max Speciality Films Limited, Nawanshahar manufactures Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) based films for food packaging and non-food packaging. Company’s EHS policy aims to achieve objective of quality production at minimum risk. Contractor management program decides the competency of contractor on EHS management system. Risk and opportunities are defined at two levels – management level for risk associated with continuity of business; and micro level at process and activities on machines. On-site plan, including natural disasters has been prepared. Zero accident / Lost Time Incidents in last 2 years and 731 accident-free days.

Asian Paints Limited, Sriperumbudur is first automated paints plant, established in 2005, to manufacture interior and exterior paints and range of tools and adhesives. OHS Policy focuses on achieving zero injuries, zero operational illness and zero incidents of property damage. Department safety committees of management and workmen evaluate hazards, and risks injuries and illness; and identifies and promote programs to improve employee training and well-being. Major hazards identified are ergonomic hazards, chemical hazards, man-machine interactional fire. The employee training needs are identified as per survey of job requirements.

Reliance Industries Limited
Shree Jee Laboratory Private Limited
(A subsidiary of Mankind Pharma Limited)
[Petrochemical] [Pharmaceutical]

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), Jamnagar is engaged in energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail and telecommunications. Company’s HSE Policy emphasis is on creating a culture of learning and practicing health, safety and environment systems, procedures and practices. Company has a Mission Kurukshetra Scheme for employees for their suggestions and innovations. 100% of employees are trained on health and safety measures. Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan is in place for handling on-site / off-site emergency. Operating Management System set out RIL principles for good operating practice.

Shree Jee Laboratory Private Limited (A subsidiary of Mankind Pharma Limited), Behror, is a validation plant for active pharmaceutical ingredients, steroids and intermediates. Company’s Safety Plan along with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound) goals is available in the form of key performance indicators and the same are monitored at-site and corporate levels on quarterly and annual basis. Major hazards are identified on the basis of severity and frequency of occurrence and probability. All employees at site are trained on the ‘on-site emergency plan’. Zero case of lost time injury / fatalities during last 2 years.

BSES Rajdhani Power Limited
New Delhi
NTPC Limited
Sipat Super Thermal Power Station
[Power (Distribution)] [Power (Generation)]

BSES Rajdhani Power Limited, New Delhi was established in 2002 to distribute power supply to license area in South and West Delhi. Senior management follows the EHS Policy through active participation. Safety awareness programs are regularly organized by means of regular and on-site training to employees. 57175 man hours of training was conducted in 2019-20. Company has identified hazards in work activities with criteria of high risk factors, medium risk factors and low risk factors. Fire alarm system has been installed and maintained at the critical structures. No fatal accident during last financial year.

NTPC Limited, Sipat Super Thermal Station, Bilaspur is engaged in power generation business from coal. Safety policy has objective to strive for zero incidents at work. Based on Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA), class of risk is defined as immediate, moderate, sustainable and intolerable. Job and area-wise Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) matrix is developed and PPEs are provided to employees. The process of identifying training needs is done by taking feedback from employees and contractors. Awareness training on road safety is organised at regular intervals for all employees and contract labour.

Sterlite Power Grid Ventures Limited
New Delhi
Shapoorji Pallonji & Company Private Limited
GGSR Polymer Addition Project
[Power Transmission] [Real Estate & Construction]

Sterlite Power Grid Ventures Limited, New Delhi is developer of power transmission infrastructure projects. A comprehensive supplier management framework has been implemented to ensure OHS compliance by supply chains. The 5-stage framework comprises supplier strategy, selection, performance management, partner development and process governance. The hazard identification planning process comprises “input-process-output” method that also considers any legal concern, interested party concern and business concern, potential emergency etc. Detailed plan for monitoring of significant HSE aspects is in place.

Shapoorji Pallonji & Company Private Limited, GGSR Polymer Addition Project, Bhatinda is installing a dual-feed cracker unit of Guru Gobind Singh Refinery in Bhatinda. Safety committee consisting of equal representation of management and workmen. Training needs of employees and contract workers are identified as per the different assessment tests, skill gap analysis and recommendation of department heads. Both on-site and off-site emergency plans are developed with emphasis on exceptional risks through unlikely events. Leadership and commitment by senior management on HSE issues is emphasised. Improved productivity is resulting in better profitability; and on-time completion of project has avoided delay penalties. Total 306 accident free days achieved at construction site.

Brookprop Management Services Private Limited
Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Limited
[Real Estate & Construction] [Sugar]

Brookprop Management Services Private Limited, Mumbai provides management services including facility management services and property management services. Safety and well-being are appropriately integrated into decision-making. Safety week was celebrated with the objective to ‘Enhance Safety and Health Performance by use of Advance Technologies’. Training needs analysis was done for each role and suitable trainings were conducted to fill the gaps as per need requirement. No job related illness / injuries reported in last 2 years. Implementation of safety management system has impacted the company’s performance due to better safety culture.

Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Limited, Lucknow manufactures and markets sugar, ethanol and co-generation systems. Company considers risk along with opportunities for qualitative and quantitative measurement of risk and opportunities. OHS management system is fully integrated into governance model. Employees and workers have considerable influence on OHS management through worker engagement. Risks are categorised on severity and needful control arrangement done to counter associated risk in the process. Loss time injury is zero in last 2 years.

JSW Jaigarh Port Limited
[Transportation (Ports)]

JSW Jaigarh Port Limited, Ratnagiri operates multi-cargo, multi-user all-weather commercial port since October 2009. A three level model, i.e. at Group, Business and Apex Safety Committee level has been set up for integrated OHS management system. Comprehensive processes for determination of computation of accident frequency statistics including “Loss Time Injury Frequency Rate” and “Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate” have been established. A formal management of change procedure has been developed for structured identification of hazards of risk associated with new processes / equipments. Training needs identification process also considers post OHS incidents, near-misses and non-compliances with procedures etc.


Year 2019
Goodrich Aerospace Services Private Limited
Tata Motors Limited
[Aerospace] [Automobile]

Goodrich Aerospace Services Private Limited is a pioneering aviation company manufacturing aerospace sub-systems, parts and components including evacuation slides, interior lighting systems, cargo handling equipment, latch assemblies, motor and actuating systems. The unit has an OH & S Policy and an annual safety plan. Innovations and suggestions are a part of the OH & S culture. The hazard classification has been done for all major processes. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment is meticulously followed for all new processes and activities by following the management of change.

Tata Motors Limited is a leading automobile manufacturer in India. Benchmarking is done with best global safety practices. The company is committed to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and associates. Risks are identified and prioritized across all manufacturing locations that have high severity and vulnerability. Critical risks are reviewed with focus on defined mitigation actions. A fire safety standard has been prepared and implemented to ensure fire safety. Six-step safety process awareness program has been attended by more than 4000 white collar employees on weekly basis.

MAHLE ANAND Filter Systems Private Limited
Anheuser Busch Inbev (India) Limited
Unit: HBL
[Automobile Ancillary] [Brewery]

Mahle Anand Filter Systems Private Limited, Pune Plant is one of the state-of-the-art plants of Joint Venture company of ANAND Automotive with MAHLE Filter Systems GmbH of Germany. Its products are air and liquid filters. Top management makes safety the top most agenda for monthly Plant Performance Review, monthly Business Process Review, quarterly board meeting reviews and annual operational meetings/reviews. Based on the assessment, Operational Control Procedures and Work Instructions are made for significant activities. The company had zero fatality and zero reportable injury in the last 5 years and had achieved 2133 days of accident-free operation.

Anheuser-Busch InBev is the world’s largest brewery. Budweiser was launched in India in 2011. Voyager Plant Optimization is the ABI management systems which supports the annual ABI Management Cycle by providing a framework to continuously improve the company processes, procedures and tools. KOMRISK unique web-based Regulatory Compliance Management software is used to identify and track Safety and Occupational Health legislation, regulation and requirements. The plant had 1225 accident-free days of operation and had zero Loss Time Injury for the last 2 years.

My Home Industries Private Limited
UPL Limited
Unit 02
[Cement] [Chemical & Fertilizer]

My Home Industries Private Limited operates an integrated cement plant at Suryapet. Integrated OHS Governance system has been established with initiatives such as Life saving roles, Leadership oversight, Leadership Key Performance Indicators, Safety leadership interactions etc. A comprehensive management of change procedure has been established for risk and hazard assessment with reference to relevant safety standards. The process of human risk assessment is based on Behaviour Based Safety model and includes activities, behaviour and consequences. A comprehensive on-site emergency response plan has been established, including potential hazard/ risk scenario.

UPL is a global generic crop protection chemicals and seeds company, headquartered in Mumbai. UPL, Unit-2, established in 1993, has four process plants and its key products are Acephate, Phorate, Terbufos, ZnDTP, Devrinol, Chlomazone. UPL has management systems like KAIZEN, POKAYOKA and ZERO LEAK. For innovative ideas on safety issues, a concept of ‘Kaun Banega Safety Gyani’ is implemented. Hazard Prompt sheet and Risk opportunity procedure are in place. Job Safety Analysis and Job Cycle Check are thoroughly followed. 1541 days of accident-free operation have been observed.

UGC 07
Mumbai Metro Rail Project
Cummins India Limited
Power Generation Business Unit
[Construction] [Engineering]

L&T STEC JV is a Joint Venture between Larsen & Toubro Limited and Sanghai Tunnel Engineering, Singapore (STECs). It is constructing a corridor along with Mumbai Metro Rail Line Number 3 UGC 07, having twin bore tunnel with elevated ramp for interfacing with the next package. L&T STEC JV has Integrated Management System (IMS). The main leading and lagging indicators with Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound (SMART) targets are monitored. The company has IMS procedure for Project OHSE committee and well defined roles and responsibility. Project has 560 days accident-free period of operation.

Cummins India Limited is a group of complementary business units that design manufacture, distribute and service diesel engines and related technologies. HSE Management system is in conformance with ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Plan-Do-Check-Act approach is being followed. Monthly safety drill has been laid down. Safety Star of the quarter is being recognized. Best Kaizen is also recognized. Hazards have been identified and control measures have been taken as per the Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis analysis. Management of Change procedure is followed for new processes. Plant has recorded 615 accident-free days of operation.

Nestle India Limited
Moga Factory
High Explosives Factory
[Food & Beverages] [Government (Defence)]

Nestle India Limited, Moga Factory manufactures products under 5 business categories: dairy, infant nutrition, foods (culinary), powdered beverages, food for special medical/dietary purposes and health supplements. Nestlé Integrated Management System is in place, which ensures the effectiveness of OH&S management system. Detailed risk assessments are conducted for following classes of hazards: Machinery Safety Assessment – Rotating and moving parts; ergonomics; exposure to chemicals; fall from height; dust explosion and noise. The company has Management of Change in place.

High Explosives Factory is a premier defence production unit situated in Khadki (Pune). It is a fully government owned enterprise under the Ministry of Defence. It manufactures Tri Nitro Toluene (TNT), Composition Exploding (CE) etc. The factory has prepared and implemented Integrated Management System Manual and Procedure Manual including OH&S, QMS, EMS and the system is duly audited every year. The factory has done hazard classification and has identified the following hazards: ETP sludge; carbon dust; glass wool; Xylene and lead sulphide. No fatal accident has been reported during the last 18 years.

Hetero Labs Limited
Unit V
BSES Yamuna Power Limited
[Pharmaceutical] [Power]

Hetero Labs Limited is one of India’s leading generic pharmaceutical company, and world’s largest producer of anti-retroviral drugs for treatment of HIV/AIDS. At Hetero, Unit-V, Jadcherla OH&S Management Framework is a part of Integrated Management System. Safety Annual Plan with ‘objectives’ and ‘targets’ are available and communicated. 360 degree approach of assessing risks is followed. Controls for fire risks are laid down and followed. Assessment of machining safety risk is also conducted. Internal Safety audits are conducted. Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle is used to capture low probability risks. OH&S performance score card helps monitoring of operations. Leading and lagging indicators are measured and monitored.

BSES Yamuna Power Limited is one of the power distribution companies in Delhi. It is a joint venture between Reliance Infrastructure Limited and Government of NCT of Delhi. The company has a strong Compliance Management System, which is an integrated online platform to monitor the compliance to all the applicable rules and regulations. The company has: Smart Substation Management System, Online Permit to Work system, Substation Remote Training System, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System. Hazards Identification and Risk Analysis register has been prepared for each and every department and activity. There were no fatal/ reportable accidents during last three years.

Shapoorji Pallonji & Company Private Limited
Project: Redevelopment of ITPO Complex Into Integrated Exhibition - Cum - Convention Centre (IECC), Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
Tristar Group
[Real Estate & Construction] [Logistics]

Shapoorji Pallonji and Company Private Limited is one of the largest construction companies in India. One of its Fast Track projects is “Redevelopment of ITPO Complex into Integrated Exhibition – Cum - Convention Center” at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The governance model follows the principle of Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle of integrated management system. All applicable legal requirements are fulfilled as per requirement. All insignificant and significant hazards are identified and recorded in risk register. It has Management of change procedure for new operation/process/equipment. The OHS assessment study has been done. Its accident frequency rate is zero for 2017-18 and 2018-19.

Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited, Chittor Cement Plant is one of the six cement plants of Nuvoco in India and is located in Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan. Nuvoco has a Health and Safety Policy. The Hazard Identification and risk assessment process addresses all potential hazards. Any new process prior to implementation is reviewed under the management of change checklist. The plant had 1624 accident free days of operation. Plant Safety committee has equal representation from contractors and employees. The number of hazards identified by contractor employees are tracked on a monthly basis.

Special Commendation - Golden Peacock Environment Management Award

Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited
Chittor Cement Plant
Sapura Engineering & Construction (India) Private Limited

Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited, Chittor Cement Plant is one of the six cement plants of Nuvoco in India and is located in Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan. Nuvoco has a Health and Safety Policy. The Hazard Identification and risk assessment process addresses all potential hazards. Any new process prior to implementation is reviewed under the management of change checklist. The plant had 1624 accident free days of operation. Plant Safety committee has equal representation from contractors and employees. The number of hazards identified by contractor employees are tracked on a monthly basis.

Sapura Engineering & Construction (India) Private Limited is a leading oil and gas services and solutions provider. It is a part of Sapura Energy Group, Berhad, Malaysia and has successfully delivered many projects in Indian waters for major EPCIC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning) clients. Sapura has well documented HSE Policy. A tool called UCUX Card (U-See, U-Act) is followed at workplace to report any unsafe act and unsafe condition. Safe observations/Suggestion, idea and innovation are captured through this tool towards safe workplace. Risk assessments are conducted for all routine and non-routine activities.

Walmart India Private Limited

Wal-Mart India Private Limited, the wholly owned subsidiary of Walmart Inc., operates in 9 states across India with 24 Cash-and-Carry stores under the brand name, ‘Best Price Modern Wholesale Stores’ and 3 fulfilment centers. The company has a robust culture of Health & Safety and is committed to protect the well-being of members/customers and employees by providing safe facility to shop and work. All employees including third party workers of the company are trained on Health & Safety. In addition, the company regularly monitors Health & Safety program and conducts mock drills, audits at stores and trains its employees and third party on Fire Safety, Electrical Safety, Material handling etc. Besides, all Walmart stores have firefighting arrangements and the new stores have installed Early Suppression and Fast Response sprinkler.

Year 2018
Mahle Filter Systems (India) Private Limited
Heidelberg Cement India Limited
Diamond Cements
[Automobile Ancillary] [Cement]

Mahle Filter Systems (India) Private Limited is the largest manufacturer of air, oil and oil mist filters. Safety audit is carried out by external auditors' independent agency. To encourage innovations, suggestion schemes and scheme on Kaizen implemented and monitored. The unit follows guidelines of EHS System from Mahle Global & Anand Group (Global). On the Job Training emphasizes on Peer to Peer learning, weekly HSE communications of EHS Head with all employees, department-wise dialogue with Plant Head, Classroom training and 100% training of contractors' workers.

Diamond Cements is a cement manufacturing company of Heidelberg Group of Germany. For improvement in safety measures the company has a suggestion scheme. Training needs are identified; training is imparted depending upon their nature of duties. Hazard analysis has been carried out and their controls are in place. Risks have been classified. Investigation is carried out and corrective action is taken according to the findings. Procedure has been laid down for emergency preparedness for various situations. The company is certified against Integrated Management System.

Gulbrandsen Chemicals Private Limited
UPL Limited
Unit 02
[Chemical & Fertilizer] [Chemical & Fertilizer]

Gulbrandsen Chemicals Private Limited (GCPL) is a subsidiary of Gulbrandsen Chemicals Inc. USA. It supplies Metal Alkyls, Organometallic compounds & Tin Products, Synthetic Waxes etc to process industries. Apart from the policy, Gulbrandsen sets WIGS (Wildly Important Goals) for each year. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) is carried out for all the activities and controls implemented. Based on Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA), they have identified list of unacceptable risks. GCPL has Behavior Based Safety (BBS) adopted organization and the BBS observations help to track human errors. The unit gives equal importance to all near miss cases, first aid cases and low risk activities identified in Hazard and Risk assessment.

UPL is a global generic crop protection, chemicals and seeds company, headquartered in Mumbai. Each level of supply chain has defined roles and responsibilities regarding compliance of OH&S Policy. Company is following process safety management concept which ensures safety of every aspect of project, operations and maintenance. Detailed on-site and off-site employee plans are available to combat emergency situations. Zero accident/fatality has been observed in last two years. 1176 accident-free man-days of operation have been observed.

Orient Electric Limited
Bosch Limited
[Consumer Appliances] [Engineering]

Orient Electric Limited (OEL), Faridabad is a one-stop brand for lifestyle electrical solutions which include fans, lighting, home appliances and switchgears. The company has a SOP for Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) process and for each machine in each department. Process-wise training Identification is carried out for electrical maintenance, material handling, welder, painting etc. as per plan and requirement. It does assessment study conducted for all types of risks. Safety targets are defined for every functional Head with Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs). OHS assessment has been done by external agency on regular basis in every alternate year.

Bosch India, Jaipur plant manufactures components for automobile industry. The plant has an OH&S Management System based on deployment of BOSCH Norms, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, Training & Awareness, Audit System, Employee participation and shop floor management. All the suppliers receive OH&S related norms with their purchase order to meet all the safety related requirements. Felicitation of the employees reporting Best Near Miss is a unique feature of safety campaigns. Suggestion and Kaizen scheme for controlling safety deviations are emphasized. Zero lost time injury and zero fatality accident are observed in last two years. 8% of total target is given for safety topics in the plant for safe operation and work culture.

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Limited
Nabha Plant
Mondelez India Foods Private Limited
[FMCG] [Food & Beverages]

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Limited (GSKCH) is a leading healthcare company. The company has established Integrated Management System including ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management System. Contractors and sub-contractors are selected after assessing their Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) skill competencies. Identification of hazards and their risks are carried out. Change control procedure is adopted for all new operations/equipment/change in the process. Training is imparted to all the employees. 345 mandays achieved for managers and executives and 2149 mandays for workmen.

Mondelez India Foods Private Limited at Induri, Pune is engaged in manufacture of moulded chocolates. Job Safety Analysis (JSA)/ Safety Method Statement is mandatory. Through this, hazard identification and risk assessment of each process and activity is done by the concerned process/activity in-charge/ owner. Unless and until the hazard rating score comes below 50, no one is authorized to do work. Before doing any job inside the factory, the unit ensures that low probability risks are addressed. Each risk is prioritized in three categories: A, B, C in descending order.

GAIL (India) Limited
Gas Processing Unit
Capacite Infraprojects Limited
[Gas] [Paper]

GAIL (India) Limited is a Public Sector Undertaking. Gas Processing Unit, Gandhar processes LPG, Pentane & Naphtha. GAIL - sGandhar carries out third party safety audit of its facilities annually to keep updated its OH&S procedures. Internal Safety Audit of its facilities is carried out quarterly. Online SAP Safety Work Permit System is in place. On-line safety observations reporting system has been developed. All work activities have been classified as per risk hazard matrix in the OHS Hazards and Risk Register. The significant work processes having significant hazards are identified. All incidents/near miss are compulsorily reported and the learning from the same are shared with all.

Capacite Infraprojects Limited (CIL) is one of the fastest growing building construction company in India. All employees including workmen are duly consulted and systematically involved in HSE management. Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan (EP&RP) also called as Disaster Management Plan is in place. Well-defined and appropriately deployed policy on employee health surveillance is in line with law. No fatalities are reported since commissioning/start-up of company. Innovative features of OH&S management includes: leadership team fully committed to OH&S; results are the best amongst the competitors; no prosecution since beginning of the company.

Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Private Limited
Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Durgapur LPG Bottling Plant
[IT] [Oil LPG Bottling]

Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Private Limited, Madurai is the R&D branch of the Honeywell International. The company has established an Integrated Management System. Hazards have been identified and risk classification has been recorded. Training needs are identified and training is imparted to employees on OHS. Procedure for contingency preparedness has been presented along with all the needed instructions. Monitoring, measurement and self-assessment are incorporated during management reviews. Auditing is carried out by external agencies to assess the performance of OHS management system.

Durgapur LPG Bottling Plant is under Marketing Division of Indian Oil Corporation Limited. It receives bulk LPG through road tankers; stores bulk LPG at site; and fills different capacity cylinders for domestic and commercial use. Intranet based E-suggestion scheme portal is in place for employees to log in suggestions and good suggestions are implemented and rewarded. Hazard classification is done to ensure work is carried out in the safest possible manner to prevent injuries to personnel and property. Hazard prompt list is developed and control measures are in place. Safety training designed specific to each line of work. 1230 days as accident-free period recorded on 31.03.2018.

Castrol India Limited
Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Belgaum Depot
[Oil Lubricants] [Oil Depot]

Castrol India Limited is a leading industrial and automobile lubricant manufacturer. Its manufacturing site at Raigad maintains Integrated Management System. The Plant is complying with ISO 9000, 14000 & OHS 18001. Procedure for hazard identification and risk involved with the hazard controls to mitigate the risk and evaluate residual risk has been mentioned along with applicable legal requirement. Training needs are identified, Annual training calendar is prepared and training is implemented as per plan. Accidents are investigated and corrective actions are taken accordingly to prevent similar hazards in future.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Belgaum Depot is situated in the district of Belgaum, Karnataka. The Depot has two railway siding facilities for receipt of products from various loading locations. Integration of OH & S Management system into the working system of the Depot is ensured. Every officer working in the depot is given OH & S related KPIs, which are evaluated at the end of the year during performance appraisal. Safety training was imparted to all workmen, tank truck crew and security guards (100% coverage) in the last 2 financial years. Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is conducted before commencing major works. The Depot has accident-free period of 5780 days.

Oil India Limited
Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Vijayawada Smart Terminal
[Oil Production] [Oil Terminal]

Oil India Limited (OIL) is a Navratna Company engaged in the business of exploration, production and transportation of crude oil and natural gas. OIL has four-level Safety Committees: a) Apex Level b) Field Level c) Department level and d) Pit level. OIL has a dedicated Safety Policy and a well-documented Safety Management System. Risk analysis is carried out in the installation and necessary control measures are in place for the above scenario. Scenario based emergency response plans are in place for the above. It has a full-fledged Crisis Management Team (Department) for managing crisis out of following two scenarios: 'Well blow out' and 'Well fire'.

Vijayawada Smart Terminal of Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) is a fully automated terminal with state-of-art technology. Tank truck crews are given proper training about SHE policy of IOCL and expectations of supply chain are met through regular meetings and trainings. The terminal encourages the employees and contract workers in participating in safety suggestion scheme. MOC (Management of Change) procedure as per OISD guidelines and IOCL policy is followed for new processes and equipment. 100% of all terminal employees are trained on health and safety measures annually. No accident recorded since commissioning. 5666 days of accident-free period till date has been observed.

Cipla Limited
Vidarbha Industries Power Limited
[Pharmaceutical] [Power(Thermal)]

Cipla Limited, Bengaluru is a global pharmaceutical company which uses cutting edge technology and innovation to meet the everyday needs of all patients. The plant produces finished dosage forms and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (APIs). Cipla has a dedicated EHS department comprising of Safety, Health & Environment sections, wherein the qualified staff is available round-the-clock to ensure safe and healthy work environment. The Unions, as part of Safety Committee, assist and cooperate with management in achieving the aims and objectives of EHS policy. Training on fire safety and extinguishing methods, both practical and theory, were conducted for all employees. 100% of contractor workmen are trained on industrial safety.

Vidarbha Industries Power limited is a power (VIPL) generating plant with an annual capacity of 2X300 MW thermal power. It is fully owned by Reliance Power Limited. To achieve the stated objectives, VIPL has adopted: Commitment by top management in terms of daily review, Involvement of Line Managers in OHS activities by conducting daily tool box training for engineers as-well-as workmen. Reporting of near-miss, unsafe acts/conditions is done to develop safety culture. Major hazards are identified along with their respective risks. Risks were mitigated to acceptable level by applying needed controls. Training needs of employees are identified once in year after performance management system cycle.

Greenko Budhil Hydro Power Private Limited
Clean Wind Power Ratlam
(SPV of HERO Future Energies)
Hero Group
[Power (Hydro)] [Power (Renewable)]

Greenko Budhil Hydro Power Private Limited (GBHPPL), Chamba is one of the river hydro project on Budhil stream, tributary of Ravi river, having capacity of 70 MW hydropower. GBHPPL has documented, established, implemented and maintained an IMS risk management procedure to address risks and opportunities arising out of its activities. For all new processes or change of equipment, GBHPPL has documented and implemented change management procedure.

Clean Wind Power Ratlam Private Limited is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) of Hero Future Energies which is engaged in the generation and distribution of renewable energies. It has OH & S Policy at three identified levels of supply chain i.e. principal contractor, sub-contractor and visitor. Fire is considered as major hazard in renewable energy sites. In emergency preparation action plan for the company, fire is identified as an emergency situation. Training needs are identified on the basis of: HSE inspection and observation records; health and safety committee meetings, suggestion boxes and feedback forms of previous training, HSE audit reports (internal and external) and job safety requirement.

Shapoorji Pallonji & Company Private Limited
One Indiabulls BLU
Nokia Solutions and Networks India Private Limited
[Real Estate & Construction] [Telecommunication]

Shapoorji Pallonji (SP) is a real estate & construction organisation, and operates in 6 major business areas. All HSE processes are inter-linked with departmental processes, based on 'Plan Do Check Act (PDCA)' approach. Web based portal & apps like 'SPACE' have been implemented for HSE concerns and reporting. Innovations towards HSE are encouraged by initiatives such as Connect to health, Connect to safety, Connect to environment, Connect to IT. Hazard classification has been carried out by risk level, action and time scale and category of acceptance. Before commencement of any activity at site, Job Safety Analysis/Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment are implemented. Either Safe Work Else Refusal (ESWER): A theme driven by Corporate HSE team and followed at site level as a Safety Movement.

Nokia Solutions is one of the largest telecom hardware and software services company. Integrated Management System is in place. Training for road safety and working at height is implemented to employees. A special tool-'Archer Tool' - has been designed to upload all the incidents that occur. After investigation corrective actions are taken to prevent its reoccurrence. Suitable warning signals are installed and detailed procedure is described for fire as well as natural disaster. Audits and inspections are carried out on monthly basis to measure the performance. OHS audits are carried out by independent bodies.

Year 2017
Maruti Suzuki India Limited
Spicer India Private Limited
[Automobile] [Automobile Ancillary]

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL), Manesar facility houses three fully integrated world class state-of-the-art plants for manufacturing automobiles. MSIL follows OHSAS 18,001:2007 in all their departments. Software for issue of control of work permit along with recording and tracking of incidents including near misses is used to subsequently undertake post-incident analysis alongwith corrective actions. Each employee is to provide one safety suggestion per month and is trained once in 6 months on safety topics. All employees and contract workers are subjected to safety training. No accident has taken place since inception of the plant in 2006.

Spicer India Private Limited is a Joint Venture between Dana Corporation USA and Anand Automotive India and manufactures automobile drive-train components. It performs hazard and risk assessment of every task and has necessary controls. Roles and responsibilities for OH&S are clearly defined from Plant Manager Level to Supervisor level. Hazard classification is done in risk assessment. The risk rating is provided for each risk identified based upon the probability and severity. Planning process identifies the significant risk of process, product, services and in operation. Documentation is in place to identify hazard planning, risk assessment criteria and new and relocated equipment procedure.

My Home Industries Pvt Ltd
Paradeep Phosphates Limited
[Cement] [Chemical & Fertilizer]

My Home Industries Private Limited, located at Visakhapatnam manufactures cement and has an installed capacity of 1.5 million tons per annum. Hazard Identification and risk assessment has been done for all the activities. Hazard analysis has been carried in each department. Controls are in place to prevent the hazard and mitigate the risk. Safety training needs are identified by department heads. Factory has prepared its own site emergency plan. Significant aspects are identified and closely monitored.

Paradeep Phosphates Limited manufactures NP/NPK grades of Fertilizers, Phosphogypsum, Sulphuric acid & Phosphoric acid. Every employee when comes to plant is imparted on & off the job training regarding human safety. Five major hazards have been identified and controls to mitigate their impact are in place. Hazard Identifications and risk analysis is provided. Incidents/ Accidents are reported and analysed to avoid the re-occurrence. OHS Effectiveness Study has been audited by independent experts. Every month innovation meetings are carried out and 65 new ideas have been implemented till March 2017.

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited
Modular Fabrication Facility
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd
[Engineering] [FMCG]

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited is an engineering, production, fabrication, construction and project management company providing integrated 'design to build' solutions. It has an elaborate OH&S management system. Any Time Learning (ATL) tool has been developed to support awareness and skills building. Comprehensive Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment have been carried out for all the activities. A site specific “procedure for hazard identification” for identifying the site's health, safety and environmental hazards has been developed. Every year HSE objectives and targets are set for all employees. HSE gap analysis was done by DNVGL in February 2016.

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Limited is a leading consumer healthcare company in the country. EHS risk assessment is an integral part of control framework. Each process is studied for hazards and risks are evaluated and categorized. Risk controls are applied to mitigate the risks. Risk assessment is the starting point for identification of training needs. Site manages the investigation and reporting of accidents as per requirements of the company and local bodies for validity and timings. Emergency plan is communicated to all employees, it includes natural disaster also. KPIs of past performance data is established at appropriate levels of the organization. Trend analysis of past data is carried out to know the performance, and responses are triggered in case of any adverse trend.

GAIL (India) Limited
Afcons Infrastructure Limited
PKG 2, Agra-Lucknow Expressway
[Gas] [Infrastructure]

GAIL (India) Limited, a Government of India Public Sector Undertaking has a compressor station hub at Vijaipur. HSE Policy reflects commitment of management towards OH&S system. Third party safety audit of its facilities is carried out annually to keep its OH&S procedures updated. Internal Safety Audit is carried out quarterly. Quarterly emergency mock drill is carried out in plant area. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) program has been devised and HIRA guidelines & procedures are in place. Hazard prompt list is developed based on these activities. All new operations/equipments installations are subjected to a formal system of “Management of Change” procedure as per OISD Standard 178.<


Afcons Infrastructure Limited is a part of Shapoorji Pallonji Group, which is one of the largest Infrastructure Development Group in India. Agra-Lucknow Expressway is an important project. Afcons have established, documented and implemented OH&S Management System (OHSMS) based on the project activities and International standard of highways. Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control are considered for each activity. It has spent 65134 hours in awareness, training programs among all categories of employees during last year. OHS assessment study has been organized through outside agency.

Honeywell Technologies Solutions Lab Pvt Ltd
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
Hazarwadi LPG Plant
[IT] [Oil - LPG Bottling]

Honeywell Technologies Solutions Lab Pvt Ltd is the integrated technology development and engineering arm of Honeywell, a leading Information Technology company of India. Honeywell's HSEPS (Health, Safety, Environment and Product Stewardship) Management System is based on 15 core standards Guidelines and procedures that include: Hazard identification and risk assessment considering risk rating; Aspect Impact analysis; Management of change (MOC) procedure; legal aspects. Hazards rating number is arrived at considering frequency of exposure to hazard, maximum possible loss, number of people exposed to loss and regulatory compliance risk.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Hazarwadi LPG Bottling Plant, Sangli, is a unit of HPCL, a Navratna Public Sector company. The plant follows Integrated Management System (IMS). It has achieved ISRS (International Safety Rating System) level – 7. The Plant has classified all work activities as a part of Hazard Identification and Risk assessment (HIRA). Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) is also carried out. All the significant risks and hazards have been considered by management and have been either eliminated, controlled or reduced through settling of objectives and targets. HSE index of 99% is attained which is the highest among all the plants of HPCL.

Cairn Oil & Gas
Ravva Oil & Gas Field
East Godavari
Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Haldia Refinery
[Oil - Production] [Oil - Refining]

Cairn Oil & Gas, a vertical of Vedanta Limited, is one of the largest oil and gas exploration and production companies in India. Cairn contributed ~25% to India's domestic crude oil production in financial year 2017-18, and has a vision to produce 50% of India’s oil and gas. Cairn has built the world's longest continuously heated and insulated pipeline, executed the world's largest Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) polymer flood project and is implementing the world's largest Alkaline Surfactant Polymer (ASP) project.?

Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Haldia Refinery was commissioned in 1975 for refining crude oil into petroleum products. Safety is the key focus in operations. The refinery has a well-defined OHS policy duly approved by the unit head. The system of identifying hazards that generate significant OHS risk is in place and the hazard prompt list has been developed. Training needs of each and every employee is identified based on self-requirement through ‘e-TNI’ module and also through assessment process. Behavioral safety programme are being gradually introduced into the system. It has launched Safety in Each and Every Deed (SEED) programme. The refinery has completed 1280 accident free operation period. Surveillance Audit is done thrice a year.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Kandla Fore Shore Terminal
Natco Pharma Limited
Chemical Division
[Oil-Terminal] [Pharmaceutical]
Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Kandla Fore Shore Terminal is one of the largest terminals and handles class A & B of Petroleum products like Naphtha, HSD, Jet Fuel etc. They have prepared various permit systems, and also do job safety analysis before starting any job to avoid any potential safety or health hazard. 'Safety is everybody's business' - this policy is followed by everyone at Kandla Port Terminal by applying all the applicable regulations. Safety awareness training is organized for security contractor, Tank Truck crew every month. Hazard classification study has been done for all the operational activities. Accident investigation reports are submitted to top management who monitor implementation and recommendation. Training needs are identified based upon random questionnaire and refresher training provided as per frequency of required training. Natco Pharma Limited, Chemical Division is engaged in manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and API intermediates. OH&S Governance framework with senior management oversight with defined roles, responsibilities and accountability has been established. Comprehensive process for Hazard Classification & Identification has been set up. Risk, impact & severity criteria have been defined for all identified hazards. Training needs are identified based on competency requirements and a training calendar has been developed. The training model & competency matrix is periodically reviewed to incorporate any changes.

GE India Industrial Pvt Ltd
Division Wind
Shapoorji Pallonji & Company Pvt Ltd
Shiva Statue Project
[Power] [Real Estate & Construction]
General Electric (GE) has been engaged in various business of Power, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Aviation etc. It has an installed base of 1.2 GW of wind energy installations in India. Innovations/inspiring solutions that have been implemented include: introduction of GE outlook email access in the Android phones resulting in real time delivery of the EHS messages/communications to the team in the remote sites and Gensuite EHS tool made available in the Android phones which helps the engineers at remote sites to feed the EHS findings concerns and incidents to GE head office directly without going through web based portal. Use of Drone and high resolution camera is made for detection of blade damages, cracks etc. thus reducing high risk operations. Shapoorji Pallonji & Company Private Limited, Engineering and Construction Division is a leading construction company undertaking project Shiva Statue in Rajsamand. Detailed study of aspects has been done along with hazard (significant) identification and risk analysis. Respective department heads identify the training needs. Project Incharge and Head HR ensure the training is implemented on the HSE activities. Accident investigation procedure has been prescribed. On site and off site emergency plans also covers potential natural disasters. Proactive tools are in place for identification of leading and lagging parameters for OHS implementation.

DSCL Sugar - Hariawan
Delhi International Airport (P) Ltd
New Delhi
[Sugar] [Transportation (Aviation)]
DCM Shriram Ltd (DSCL) is in the business of fertilizers, cement, urea, alkali and sugar located in various states. DSCL Sugar – Hariawan is a sugar crushing unit. Work activities are analyzed for hazards and associated risks and precautionary measures taken. HIRA has been certified. Training needs are identified on the basis of pre and post analysis of employees' skill mapping. Accident reporting and investigation procedure is explained. Environmental aspect & impact analysis has been carried out. The organization is also working on developing mobile based solutions to deliver information to farmers. Delhi International Airport (P) Limited (DIAL) is a JV between GMR (64%), Airport Authority of India (26%) and Fraport AG (10%). Hazard classification of work activities has been done for routine, non-routine activities & emergency situations. Emergency situations of various types such as crash, runway hazards, natural calamities etc have been dealt with elaboration. Competency assessment of each individual is done. Risk based trainings are conducted. Detailed procedure for accident reporting and investigation is in place. DIAL has implemented Delhi Airport Emergency plan approved by DGCA, which includes Air crash on the ground, full emergency, fire & natural disasters etc. OH&S Effectiveness Study was carried out by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) in April 2016.

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd
[Transportation (Ports)]
Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited (APSEZ) is part of the Adani Group, a global integrated infrastructure player with businesses in key industry verticals - Resources, Logistics and Energy. APSEZ has expanded the scope of identifying hazards and conducting risk assessment in order to manage enterprise risks, operational risks and legal risks for which Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control (HIRAC) process is in use. Hazard prompt list has been developed. Reporting of all hazard and near misses is encouraged to ensure that low probability risks are not ignored.

Year 2016
Maruti Suzuki India Limited
Mahle Filter Systems India Pvt Ltd
[Automobile] [Automobile Ancillary]
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL), Manesar facility houses three fully integrated world class state-of-the-art plants for manufacturing automobiles. MSIL follows OHSAS 18,001:2007 in all their departments. Software for issue of control of work permit along with recording and tracking of incidents including near misses is used to subsequently undertake post-incident analysis alongwith corrective actions. Each employee is to provide one safety suggestion per month and is trained once in 6 months on safety topics. All employees and contract workers are subjected to safety training. No accident has taken place since inception of the plant in 2006. The company was originally known as Purolater India Limited set up as a joint venture between Purolater USA and Anand Industries. Mahle Filter Systems India Ltd was established in 2005. An operational health and safety aspect are embedded into the core business management of the organization and is the first priority followed by quality delivery and cost in that order. A hazard prompt list has been developed as a part of risk assessment process. Over 90% of engineers and supervisors and the entire workforce have been given training in industrial safety. Safety Failure, Modes and Effects Analysis (SFMEA) and Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis (HIRA) are adopted for human risk assessment alongwith timely review and closure of critical points. Surprise safety audit is carried by EHS Department to check the adequacy of control

UltraTech Cement Limited
Gujarat Cement Works
UPL Limited
Unit 05
[Cement] [Chemical & Fertilizer]
Gujarat Cement Works, a unit of Ultra Tech Cement is one of India’s largest cement plants at single location. GCW has a focus on OHS as a part of strategy. It has developed 22 standards and processes for major hazards and high risk jobs and people are trained on these. Risk assessment/hazard identification and mitigation in plant are developed and implemented. All incidents of unsafe acts are reported and investigated by MySetu (Safety software). 100% of contract workers are given training in industrial safety. It has established six EHS committees as per DuPont methodology. CGW has initiated OHS assessment through outside agency including third party safety audit and fire risk assessment. UPL Limited, formerly known as United Phosphorus Limited, is a global generic crop protection, chemicals and seeds company. It has HSE Policy which is well communicated and reviewed periodically. The safety department has dedicated manpower for process safety, operational safety, project and commissioning safety and firefighting. Commitment and compliance to the policy by contractors and suppliers is ensured through contractor safety management system with monthly and yearly safety performance review. “Safety Self Recognition Programme” is in operation under which gift coupons are given to plant employees and contract workmen if no incident occurs in their plant. The amount increased with every successive month if record of no injury is sustained. Assessment studies have been organized through National Safety Council. Process Safety Management System is in place and Work Safe Online (Suraksha Kavach) online software caters to all safety related information, no injury of fatal accident has been reported during 2015-16.

Metso India Pvt Ltd
ICICI Bank Limited
[Engineering] [Financial Sector (Banking)]
Metso India Pvt Ltd, is engaged in manufacturing of spare parts catering to aggregate and mining sector. The plant has well defined safety policy and committee to implement the policy. Industrial safety training is given to all the 100% employees and all the vendor workers. They have strictly followed the provisions of the National Building Code of Bureau of Indian Standards and established fire safety alarm and detection system accordingly. Road safety standards are strictly adhered and necessary training is imparted to bus and car drivers. No job related accidents have occurred during the last two years. ICICI Bank Limited is India’s largest private sector bank. The bank is certified for OHSAS-18001:2007. It has a well laid down safety policy approved by the board and overlooked by a Safety Committee headed by senior management. Safety training has been conducted for all the staff. Mock drills are conducted regularly and frequently. The bank has launched an App, called “iTravel Safe” for women staff, which is connected to 24x7 emergency helpline. The App has several features which include a panic button which when pressed activates a series of protocols to attend to that emergency.

Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd
New Delhi
Gujarat Gas Limited
[Food & Beverages] [Gas]
Mother Dairy Fruits and Vegetables Pvt Ltd Unit (MDU) is a subsidiary of National Dairy Development Board. It has an OHS policy duly approved and signed by the Managing Director. It has an OHS deployment plan with specific objectives and targets, annual safety projects with proper allocation of resources. Safety is the core value of MDU’s business. Unit has classified work activities as routine, non-routine and emergency activities and has carried out hazard identification and risk assessment by calculating severity, probability and risk index for each activity. It has developed hazard prompt list. 80% of its employees and 100% of engineers and supervisors are trained on safety aspects. The unit had accident free year (zero reportable accidents) in 2015. Onsite emergency plan has been prepared. HAZOP study of new refrigeration plant has been conducted by Regional Labour Institute, Faridabad. Gujarat Gas Limited is one of the group companies of Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation and supplies natural gas. OHS management system is well defined and integrated with the business management system. It has HSE policy to which the company and the contractor and supplier are fully committed and any non-compliance attracts penalty. Job activities are classified based on the type of work performed across the company. Different safety critical and inherently hazardous activities are classified under eight Life Savers. 100% of the employees and contract workers are given training on safety. Procedure for change management is followed for all new projects. It has developed an HSE score card which is used to monitor all significant aspects related to health and safety each month.

Rifle Factory Ishapore
Dell International Services India Private Limited
[Government (Defence)] [IT]
Rifle Factory Ishapore is one of the 41 units functioning under Ordnance Factory Board and meets all types of requirements of small arms. Occupational health and safety management system has been integrated with overall business management system to achieve accident-free environment. All TPM coordinators, safety members, staff and officers meet thrice every month to present Kaizen activity of innovative ideas to improve accident-free safe working environment. The Disaster Management plan has been prepared and integrated with the local administrative procedures. It had nil fatalities during the last two years. Dell International Services India Private Ltd is multinational IT Company. The corporate OHS policy has a framework for establishing and reviewing their occupational health and safety objectives. It has Kaizen project initiative under which the employees can submit and present their innovative ideas and solution for a problem for which they are also awarded. The risk is evaluated on likelihood of occurrence of the accidence, frequency of exposure to the hazard and the severity of potential accident. For significant risk, control measures are implemented. Dell has identified, established, documented and executed its Onsite Emergency Hazards Plant. It also follows FM Global Standard to mitigate OHS risks and hazard from facility.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
Mumbai Pune Solapur Pipeline
Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Haldia Refinery
[Oil Production] [Oil Refining]
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Mumbai Pune Solapur Pipeline is a part of the onshore cross country multiproduct petroleum pipeline. It follows the HPCL Safety Policy and has its OHS management system fully integrated with IMS. The annual plan in the form of HSE Index is being maintained and its quarterly rating is reviewed by the higher management. Training programme is conducted for each target group with respect to commitment. It has implemented security tracking system, pipeline intrusion detection system, and night inspections. External Safety Audit is carried out every year. It has a record of 6208 days of accident free operation. Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Haldia Refinery was commissioned in 1975 for refining crude oil into petroleum products. Safety is the key focus in operations. The refinery has a well-defined OHS policy duly approved by the unit head. The system of identifying hazards that generate significant OHS risk is in place and the hazard prompt list has been developed. Training needs of each and every employee is identified based on self-requirement through ‘e-TNI’ module and also through assessment process. Behavioral safety programme are being gradually introduced into the system. It has launched Safety in Each and Every Deed (SEED) programme. The refinery has completed 1280 accident free operation period. Surveillance Audit is done thrice a year.

Reliance Industries Limited
Nagothane Manufacturing Division
Cadila Healthcare Limited
[Petrochemical] [Pharmaceutical]
Reliance Industries Limited, Nagothane Manufacturing Division is one of the six petro-chemical sites of RIL located in Raigarh district. The unit has well defined safety policy and is certified for IMS. Innovative actions on personal safety include: use of six sigma concept to predict the safety performance by using leading indicators; use of IT in HSE management systems; introduction of leak sealing gadgets for controlling spillage/leakage emergency; process hazard analysis of plants with the help of processor licensors; special purpose focused audits for fire prevention and process safety; and six sigma approach for identifying the major root cause for prevention of excellence. It had accident free operation for last two years Cadila Healthcare Limited, Ahmedabad is a large scale pharmaceutical formulation manufacturing unit. The company has a HSE Policy with specific direction for not compromising any HSE norm related to production and cost objectives/priorities. It also has IMS in place. A dedicated standard operating procedure and code of conduct for all contractors and suppliers is in place. Robust change control management procedure is carried out prior to the any change to the process or equipment. It follows ZyTims (Zudus) training information management system) software for employee’s training needs identification. The organization follows reporting of hazards and near misses under “Be safe” accident incident prevention suggestion scheme.

Rosa Power Supply Company Limited
Rosa Power Supply Co Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Reliance Power Limited. It has well defined Safety Policy. The contractors and suppliers are communicated about their OH & S Policy as per the requirements of OHSAS. A Public Safety Booklet has also been prepared and distributed among villagers. The quantitative risk assessment for more critical areas like chlorine system is also done through external expert agency. HAZOP Study for chlorination system has also been done through external expert agency. The Safety Training is 100% always for contract workers. It had zero accidents and zero man days lost due to injuries and work related illnesses in the last two years.

Special Commendation - Golden Peacock Occupational Health and Safety Award

Imerys Steel Casting India Private Limited
Sun Pharma Industries Limited
Imerys Steel Casting India Private Limited, Kolkata produce Continuous Casting Flux for Steel Industry. Company has OH & S management System integrated into its overall business management system and is accredited to OHSAS 18001. Some of the innovative techniques are: ‘Cardinal rules of safety’; ‘Serious six’, Supervisor safety visit checklist’, ‘Barometer checklist’ etc. It had reported no reportable accidents and no loss of man-days due to job related injuries or illnesses in the last two financial years. Sun Pharma Industries Limited, Mohali site is engaged in the manufacture of Pharmaceutical Formulations. The Hazard Identification and risk assessment sheets are reviewed and updated periodically, considering results of OHSMS Audits and Reviews. They have a robust fire and safety management system. They transform operations from detection mode to prevention mode; create consistency throughout the site built around best practices; ensure consistent training; improve management oversight and facilitate continual improvement.

SembCorp Green Infra Limited
New Delhi
SembCorp Green Infra Limited (SGIL) is a leading clean energy Independent Power Producer (IPP). It adopted innovative measures like reducing man-machine interface through Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system that has resulted in reduction of accidents. SGIL has developed its Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Social Management system which is verified by IFC group (Asia Pacific Head) and is found satisfactory and in compliance to the requirement.