Dr. Daniel Vasella, Chairman, Novartis AG receiving Golden Peacock Business Leadership Award - 2010

Alexandre Jetzer, Director on Board, Novartis AG receiving Golden Peacock Leadership Award for Corporate Social Responsibility on behalf of Dr. Daniel Vasella, MD. Chairman, NOVARTIS AG.

Daniel Vasella , M.D ., is chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Novartis AG, since April 1989. Since its founding, Dr.Vasella has led Novartis through dynamic growth to rank among the world's most successful healthcare companies, with a focused portfolio, including pharmaceuticals, vaccines and diagnostics, generics and consumer health. He has also strengthened the research capacity of Novartis in leading technologies by creating the Novartis Institute for Bio Medical Research, Novartis Institute for Tropical Disease.

Program for the breakthrough cancer drug Gleevec/Glivec, the supply of the novel malaria treatement Coartem below cost the World Health Organization. Novartis was one of the first multinational companies to sign the UN Global compact initiative.

A readership survey of the Financial Times selected Dr. Vasella as the most influential European businessman of the past quarter century.